A couple of my friends are coming camping with us for the first time, and need to know what the basic they need are! So I thought I might as well blog it.

We are going to Wales, GB at the end of March, so the weather might not be the best, so I will take this into consideration, as the British weather can make camping interesting throughout the entire year.

So what are the essentials???

A Tent!
Obvious I know, but it is probably worth a mention. Remember that a tent needs to reflect your style of camping. Are you going trekking? Festival? Glamping? Your tent should reflect what you want out of your trip. I have several tents a folding camper.

For this weekend in particular, we are going to a nice easy social weekend, so I am taking the folding camper and lending my friends either an 8 man or 5 man full height tent.

Mallet and Pegs
Usually with the tent, but if in doubt, check. It is usually worth investing in good quality pegs, as the ones that come with a tent can be a bit weak and bend.

Sleeping Bag(s)
Make sure they are warm, it is better to be too warm and remove layers, than be too cold! Also pack some cheap fleece blankets too layer up with.

Air Bed or Roll Mats
Again depending on the type of trip you're planning! Roll mats are smaller lighter and quicker, so great for trekking, etc.

For this occasion an air bed will be best, as they provide more comfort and once up won't be getting packed up until we leave.

Nothing wrong with a few home comforts, after all you want to enjoy camping not punish your neck!

Cool Box or Cool Bag
Exactly what it says on the tin! Keeps your food cool, don't forget your ice packs.

How you cook the food you have been keeping cool! Again, there are lots of different types, solid fuel, single burned gas, double burner or double burner with grill (just a few, there a many more).

Light your tent at night, most modern LED lanterns are incredibly efficient on battery consumption.

Wash Bag, Toiletries, Towels
Often something here is forgotten about! So don't forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and anything else that is part of your daily routine.

Toilet Roll
Most camp sites now provide toilet roll, but not always, so always take one with you!

Plates, bowls, knifes, forks, sporks, etc…

Chairs and tables
Again not always needed, depending on the type of camping! For this occasion, they will be essential! :)

Another obvious one but don't forget them, and your shoes. Remember your will essentially be in a grass field, stiletto shoes might not be the best idea! As mentioned pack to match the weather and time of year, but always pack a jumper, we are in Britain after all!

First Aid Kit
Pretty obvious!

Fire Extinguisher
Your in a fabric tent! Do you want to take that risk?

I think that is about it for essentials, just one thing to remember is that if you are going as part of a group some of the items on this list may well be shared between you.

What is nice to have?

Can't do without your phone or hair straighteners? It may be worth investing in a Mobile Mains Kit, or borrow one if you know someone who isn't using theirs. Remember that electric often incurs an extra cost.

What! It isn't raining? Quick get the BBQ out!

You get the picture!

That is all I can think of for now, but I am sure I have missed something! Comment below with anything I have missed off the list!

I knew I would forget a few things…

Don't forget a water vessel, washing up stuffs, kettle and other brewing up facilities.