I am currently trying to decide on a sports tracker to use on my Android phone, the main reason is for when I am cycling, but if I can log other exercises as well that would be great. I haven't formed an opinion on this yet, so any advice would be more than welcome.

I have shortlisted EndomondoMapMyRide(MapMyFitness) & Strava Cycling.

Other the next few weeks I will be trying these three out, plus any other people might recommend. Once I have played with them all I will try and update you with a list of pros and cons of them and base a recommendation them. If you have any thoughts on them you can comment below. 

[UPDATE: 07/03/2012] So far I am leaning towards Endomondo, Strava just doesn't give enough information. Both Endomondo and MapMyRide not only give route information, but also personal information such as calories burnt etc. Strava is a really polished app, and if you don't want any other info apart from speed, climb, distance, etc then I think it would be great. I like knowing how many calories I am burning.

The Endomondo app is also really polished and works well, I would even consider paying for the full app, and MapMyRide good, but sometimes a bit clunky. The major advantage that MapMyRide has is that it will track your nutrition as well as your exercise, which is good, but again not everyone wants that, me personally I don't think I will use it. So currently Endomondo is looking favourite for me. I will continue to keep you informed until I make a final decision.

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