I have been working on a mini project that utilises the twitter api.

It is only in its very early stages, but comment below and let me know what you think! :-)

The home page will eventually have a screenr explaining what it is and what you do but for now it is fairly empty.

So for now here is an explanation.

When you arrive on the home page, you simply enter a search term, some good examples are stopmotion, #epicfail & @mcrconfidential.

As you can see you can search for keywords, hashtags and users.

When you first search you will have to authorize the app, this is now a requirement of all apps / sites using the 1.1 version of the Twitter API.

Don't worry it doesn't post to your wall! :-)

Once in you will get a node tree on desktop and tablet, and a grid view on mobile.

In the desktop view you will get vines (with a green border), images (with a red border) and related #hashtags (on blue nodes). You can click on the blue nodes and the will expand out show more nodes related to the one you clicked. (This doesn't work on mobile just yet, but will soon!)

Any feedback you are willing to give would be greatly appreciated!