I have just finished building this site. After doing some research, I decided to switch over to Contentful. This was after many years of using Umbraco and over more traditional CMS platforms.

Why did I choose to use an API driven CMS? The main reason was that I wanted to use something that was more language agnostic. I have been itching to play with .net core and this seemed like a perfect platform. I found the unofficial SDK for .net, which had a .net core branch, great!


This was a great starting point. I then built my own .net core middleware on top of the SDK. This was great fun, and I learnt a lot about .net core doing this.

The middleware is still in its early stages, but this site is built using it and seems to be performing well.

Another major advantage of using Contentful and .net core is the hosting is simple. I have hosted this as an Azure Website, and setting it up was easy.